Good job, Fairyland! You’re totally setting a standard for your fans and fans of recasts to follow! /s

Pic 1 from Steampunk Tendencies page:

Pic of doll from:

Pic 2 from the artist’s flickr:

If FL wants to stick up for artist’s rights then they need to set a better example.


I am so disappointed :( 

Fairyland’s response:

Thank you for bringing this matter into our attention. We -site administrators- are also shocked and appalled by this incident and share utter disappointment and aversion many of our customers must have felt.

For your information, our chief producer and chief management officer have been in touch with Mr. Dave Crook and Mr. Brian Pape - artist behind the Feeple60 Rin Full Package weapon design- through a help of part time translator (site administrators capable of speaking English do not work in the actual FairyLand/CP office and work outside of regular business hours, making it difficult to post immediate response).

The chief producer of the sculpting team Ceberus Project and our chief management officer of processing and sales team have expressed their sincere apologies to artists and everyone else involved including our customers. An official statement will be available on our notice board once we hear back from Mr. Brian Pape.

In the meanwhile, FairyLand / CP is currently in the process of discussing how to credit and recompense Mr. Dave Crook for use of his “Gunlass” design with the artist himself, who has been more than kind to accept our apology and shown interest in doing collaborative work in future. For this reason, we do not expect sales page of Feeple60 Celine full package to be pulled down at this point but there may be a possibility of pulling down Feeple60 Rin Full package if Mr. Brian Pape desires so. In such a case, CP / FairyLand will do everything to make sure that customers and dealers who have purchased Feeple60 Rin Full packages are taken care of in every possible way.

There may be much further consequences of this incident as we have been informed that chief producer of the sculpting team and chief management officer both have handed in their resignation for choosing to go ahead with the production without seeking artists’ consent. They will be with us till everything has been resolved for sure. We expect more details to be available after the weekend during our regular business hour.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Thank you for waiting.

Kind Regards,

Osh-Tisch: Princess of Two Spirits (1854-1929)



This week we focus on Osh-Tisch, whose name translates to “Finds Them and Kills Them” in Crow. Osh-Tisch was a male-bodied person who lived as a woman, and was one of the last Crow Nation baté (Two Spirit spiritual leaders) – oh, and you can be sure, she earned her name.

She is also far from the only awesome lady in this story.

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NASA astronaut films lightning from ISS

Astronaut Reid Wiseman posted a Vine from the International Space Station today showing lightning over Houston.

Tornado warnings were issued in the Houston area earlier this afternoon but have since expired.

got me having goosebumps

im too emotional this gonna make me cry

it’s literally earth static

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Geek A Long Week 1

I have found a new project to start! I have a long way to go to catch up though!


Tumblr - Cat photo shoot idea


Tumblr - Cat photo shoot idea

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It was the best lap dance I ever had


It was the best lap dance I ever had

Reblog If You’ve Seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show


Trying to prove something

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Drug Orgy


We got a call regarding a noise complaint at one of the nicer hotels in the area, and sent an officer out to respond. When he got there, he knocked on the door and the occupants opened it up. The guy who answered the door had a gun tucked into the front of his pants, clearly visible. Looking past the guy, the officer could see a scene of Hollywood style indulgence.

There were guns laying out, drug paraphernalia laying around. There was a jacuzzi with weed strewn around it, and dumped in the water. There was a girl in the jacuzzi with like for guys, running a train on them. There was a long size bed and a foldout bed with four people in each, having orgies. There were people standing around smoking, drinking, and just watching the depravity. Not a single person inside was over 21.

We had nearly every officer on duty out there within minutes, including the sergeants and the lieutenant. As they were taking kids out of the room and patting them down, one of them pulled the fire alarm on the way out. The entire hotel then proceeded to evacuate out into the hallways and parking lot. About 6.5 lbs of weed was recovered from the room, surprisingly no stronger drugs were present.

It was chaos. Insane, shocking, chaos.


This is a blog post that’s incredibly confusing and painful for me to write.

Yesterday morning, Josh forwarded me a tweet that said:

TIL: Max Temkin, co-creator of Cards Against Humanity, raped a friend of my friend while attending Goucher College. I don’t support CAH.

It feels like this sometimes. And I mean here in person for me. I have people I can text, but nobody to lean on.

It feels like this sometimes. And I mean here in person for me. I have people I can text, but nobody to lean on.

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"DNA doesn’t make a family, love does."

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So true

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So, cats and popcorn …….



Prosthetic Stereo Leg

The real problem with prosthetic limbs is that it’s not the future yet. But we’re one bionic step closer with help from the The Alternative Limb Project, which helps fit amputees with a specially designed prosthetic to match their style and personality. Model and singer/songwriter Viktoria Modesta was outfitted with this steampunk stereo leg (unfortunately, it doesnt bump, but the technology is there), which I hope one day supplies the soundtrack for the scifi future we deserve.

Model: Tumblr (via a knowing nod to: Obvious Winner)

This rules immensely.

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